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1. That I do not have an outdoor job- 97F yesterday and today. Blech.

2. That I had enough energy to work out when I got home, even if it was a truncated workout.

3. That I didn't have to cook dinner.

1. That I was able to donate blood today!

2. That tomorrow is Friday.

3. That I already planned to go out to eat tonight, because I don't want to cook tonight either.
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1. That I do not work as a fishmonger. *g*

2. That there was a Thai place near my cooking class last night because I've been craving sticky rice with mango. So good!

3. That shrimp are on sale today so I can practice what I learned last night.

1. That it's not blazingly hot today.

2. That my home internet should be fixed tonight.

3. That today is Friday!
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My home internet's down so I had to wait till today. Lessee:

1. I can work out at home. I'm up to 80 pushups!

2. Comfortable temperatures this week and not getting caught in the rain again.

3. Denim. It's too hot to wear it outside, but I do love my jeans.
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1. Bellydance- I've got class tonight!

2. Trader Joe's Mint Melange herb tea- it's delicious and really, really cheap at $2 a box.

3. Good friends.
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1. Dogs! Balls of unconditional love and snuggles.

2. Books. Reading makes me happy. Always has.

3. Music- the cheapest and safest mood-alteration around. *g*
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1. That my migraine is gone- believe me, that's a big relief.

2. That the AC in my place works- it was 90F today! Blech.

3. My laptop. Self- explanatory. *g*
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1. Migraine medicine that works!

2. Bellydance. It makes me happy and more relaxed about my body.

3. Mango sorbet, eaten while walking to the metro. Very cooling.
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So, it's my birthday.

In celebration of this blessed event, and because I've been really crabby lately, I'm doing the daily post of three things I'm grateful for until July 8th. Here we go!

I am grateful:

-To be employed, in a job I like at least some of the time.

-My apartment. No roommates- bliss!

-My parents, who are great people.


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